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Thank you for considering adoption of Achieve College Success: Learn How in 20 Hours or Less by Raymond Gerson. Achieve College Success is accompanied by a range of supplemental instructor materials and lesson plans, all organized on the instructor resources website to keep your class preparation time to a minimum. Adopters of Achieve College Success also have access to a bonus chapter on Critical Thinking with its own supporting chapter activities, PowerPoints and quiz.

Additional teacher support options include:

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16-Session Syllabus Day-By-Day Sample

For each class session in a 16 session syllabus, there is a lesson plan as well as supplemental activities, handouts, quiz examples, slides and other instructor materials relevant to that session.

List of instructor materials organized for an 8-week syllabus.

The following sample materials focus on the two days of instruction relating to Chapter 4 of Achieve College Success ("Discover How to Read, Study and Understand Textbooks"). The files are drawn from supplemental (digital-only) instructor materials as well as the instructor's manual (available in print or digital form).

Day 3: Learning Styles

Further Comments on Materials


The sample multiple choice test (also in the Instructor Manual) is based on material in How to Achieve College Success...Learn How in 20 Hours or Less (5th editions). Instructors should consider adding further questions based on related material presented in class, particularly any classroom-only material not directly reproduced by the book or take-home supplements.