Day by Day Index for 8 Week/16 Session College Success Course

Thank you for evaluating Achieve College Success: Learn How in 20 Hours or Less for your course. Adopters of Achieve College Success have access to a range of instructor support materials, including lesson plans, classroom activities, study aids, and PowerPoint slides.

To make class preparation easy, instructor materials are organized both by type and day-by-day for an 8 week/16 session course. Syllabi are also provided for 16 and 18 week courses, and day-by-day files for the 16 and 18 week version will be available shortly.

The following are intended to help you evaluate the book and instructor materials:


Prior to class:

Day 1: Course Overview

Day 2: Wishes and Goals

Day 3: Learning Styles

Day 4: Intelligences

Day 5: Time Management - Where does it go

Day 6: Time Management - What to do now

Day 7: Reading Sense

Day 8: Reading Sense (pt2)

Day 9: Note Taking

Day 10: Writing Success

Day 11: Memory

Day 12: Test Taking

Day 13: Skills and Talents

Day 14: Interests and Values

Day 15: Create the Life You Want

Day 16: Wrap up

Comments on Materials


These sample multiple choice tests (also in the Instructor Manual) are all based on material in How to Achieve College Success...Learn How in 20 Hours or Less (3rd/4th editions).

Instructors should consider adding further questions based on related material presented in class, particularly any classroom-only material not directly reproduced by the book or take-home supplements. Such additional questions allow you to evaluate not only whether students have understood and memorized the material itself, but also students' class attendance and note-taking skills.